i am trying to set up a local PoA network following this tutorial:


I am using Windows 10. The issue is that i dont get back an enode address using the following commands:

bootnode -genkey boot.key

bootnode -nodekey boot.key -verbosity 9 -addr :30310
INFO [11-20|18:06:05.376] New local node record   seq=1 id=14a0c68dfe9d6ca2 ip=<nil> udp=0 tcp=0

Any hints?

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to get the enode address use the -writeaddress command

bootnode -nodekeyhex 435601bfc51df236b310517ef2233c046cbede662ed5a3c0de5a37c785350d7f -writeaddress

Insert your own bootkey (that was generated) and you should see the enode address display. enter image description here

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