I have installed MetaMask extension for Chrome, then I saw ext icon at top toolbar. To login I will open it by click on the icon. There is a question...

Is there a way to launch MetaMask window by JavaScript? I want use my own Login button at web page to launch login screen.

MetaMask login


Chrome extension popups like this can only be opened by the user triggering it themselves, either by clicking on the icon or a keyboard shortcut.

You could use the ethereum.enable() call they've recently added to prompt the user though: https://medium.com/metamask/https-medium-com-metamask-breaking-change-injecting-web3-7722797916a8. This may provide the type of user experience you'd expect.

  • No problem. Would you mind marking the question as answered by this since it worked for you?
    – wbobeirne
    Dec 3 '18 at 3:41

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