I ran truffle migrate -f 2 --network rinkeby. Then, I navigated to https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/address/[ADDRESS_OF_DEPLOYER]

And I got two TXs:

enter image description here

The second TX is clear since To equals to "Contract Creation". Now, what is the first TX? The From is the same as the second TX, however, the To is another address (0xb52078acf139....).


When you run a migration step with Truffle, it records in the Migrations contract which step it just completed.

So even for the initial migration, when it runs, the content of migrations/1_initial_migration.js, it will deploy the Migrations contract and right away call setCompleted(1) on it.

If you have another file 2_deploy_mine.js, it will do as you ask and at the end, call setCompleted(2) on the Migrations contract.

That's what this extra tx is.

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