I have deployed a Quorum Network on Azure and now I would like to have ssh access. In the creation process I had to set a VM-user and a VM-password. But if I use them like this:

ssh VM-user@Public-IP-address

I get this:

ssh: connect to host <ip_adress> port 22: Connection timed out

Does anybody know how use ssh with Azure and Quorum?


Here is how you do it.

On your portal page (https://portal.azure.com/#) go to:

  1. Resource groups
  2. Choose your group
  3. Go to Deployments
  4. Under deployment name click on the name, which looks something like this: enterprise-ethereum-alliance.eea-single-member-20181234567890
  5. In the left menu click Outputs
  6. There you have it, under SSH-TO-FIRST-VM.

It looks something like this:

ssh -p 3000 youradminname@yourname.yourlocation.cloudapp.azure.com

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