I'm messing around with contracts on my own private network with the command:

geth --dev console

If I want to start from a clean environment (i.e. delete all accounts on the private netowrk), how do I clear the cache?

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You can specify the directory which contains chaindata and keystore ... Use the --datadir "path/to/mydir" with geth. To clear just remove this directory.

In short:

geth --datadir ~/myprivateblockchain init my_genesis.json
geth --datadir ~/myprivateblockchain account new
geth --dev --datadir ~/myprivateblockchain console

To reset:

rm -rf ~/myprivateblockchain

You could use this python script to create & manage private blockchain: https://github.com/regispietra/CreatePrivateEthereum

Have Fun

  • I realized that I could also delete the default data store of ~/Library/Ethereum but keep the keystore. Jun 19, 2016 at 12:46

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