Im trying to send 0 ether to the same account with Web3j, however when i run this code it give me directly the transaction hash, even if the transaction has not been mined yet and still pending. I can't use the method Transfer.sendFund(..) because i need the nonce to be given by me.

RawTransaction rawTransaction = RawTransaction.createEtherTransaction(nonce, 
    gasPriceInWei, gasLimit, credentials.getAddress(), BigInteger.ZERO);

byte[] signedMessage = TransactionEncoder.signMessage(rawTransaction, 

String hexValue = Numeric.toHexString(signedMessage);

EthSendTransaction ethSendTransaction =

String transactionHash = ethSendTransaction.getTransactionHash();

System.out.println("transaction hash: " , transactionHash )

Does anyone have an idea to solve this probelm?

("web3j.ethSendRawTransaction(hexValue).send()" dont solve this)

(watch all new transactions in each new blocks until my transaction occure is a solution, but is there a better way)?


That worked for me:

while (true) {
    EthGetTransactionReceipt transactionReceipt = web3j
     if (transactionReceipt.getResult() != null) {

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