Since the splitted DAO (dark DAO) has the exact same vulnerability in its code, is it possible to execute the same attack to the attackers DAO?

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That idea may have been part the motivation behind this post:

"Is anyone in the process of splitting from the DAO right now? It would really help if the person whose split will finish in 2 hours (#69) can contact us."


More evidence to support this idea:

Q: "How do we drain? What should I do to try to get my DAO out?"

A: "You cannot do anything. If I got that right, you can only drain (attack) with a finished split proposal (takes min. 7 days). The attack is to then initiate the split in a way that keeps splitting ether without reducing the number of tokens (exploiting a bug in the split code). That's why Vitalik is asking for people with near-finished proposals so they can use one as a counter-attack, to try draining faster than the original attack.

(That is, if the exploit is something like described here: https://blog.slock.it/no-dao-funds-at-risk-following-the-ethereum-smart-contract-recursive-call-bug-discovery-29f482d348b#.2f9e1h8he)



After the incubation period of the new DAO and if you stalk him with DAO tokens I would say:
Yes, you can

Is this an option together with a softfork that mask his DAO tokens as invalid?

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