I have two contract files A.sol and B.sol, and a test file B.test.sol.

Here is my current approach (reverts):


mapping (bytes32 => myStruct) public myStructs;

Struct myStruct {
  uint256 a;
  uint256 b;
  uint256 c;


interface I_A {
  function myStructs(bytes32) returns (uint, uint, uint) public;
contract B {
  A a;
  constructor(address a_address) { a = I_A(a) };

  function exb(bytes32 _structaddr){
    a.myStructs(_structaddr); //<REVERTS>

import {A} from "./contracts/A.sol";
import {B} from "./contractsB.sol";

contract TestB {
  B testb;
  A testa;

   function beforeAll() {
     testa = new A();
     testB = new B(testa);

  function test_exb() {

Change this:

A a;
constructor(address a_address) { a = I_A(a) };

To this:

I_A a;
constructor(I_A a_address) { a = a_address; }
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