Pantheon is the new Java-based Ethereum node targeting the enterprise setups.

I am trying to get my geth clique private network running on pantheon, but since pantheon has no account management, I am wondering how to setup the sealer account required for "mining" the blocks in Clique-PoA.

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Pantheon (0.8.1) has no account management. It will only create a server private key, which is stored unencrypted in datadir/key. This key will also be used as the sealer account in Clique-PoA. Hence the public address stored in extraData in genesis.json has to correspond to this private key.

  • I confirm this is the way to go with Pantheon 0.8.1, we may provide another way in future release but nothing is designed yet. Nov 16, 2018 at 16:54

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