I'm talking for end-production purposes and I'm interested what server specification and which hosting services dAPP developers use.

Considering my scenario, I made a decentralized application in React however I still need server to read Blockchain instruction on each request of the user.

I haven't released my project yet, it doesn't contain any forms of authentication, it's 100% Blockchain based (fetching & writing instruction through MetaMask) and I was thinking to go by this dedicated server:

2TB Storage (RAID-10)
Unlimited Bandwidth
8 CPU Cores, 16 Threads (Intel based : E5-2630v4 at 2.4GHz per core).

I hope it can sustain a good amount of users. I investigated different hosting services for the front end of dAPPs such as TMDHosting

What type of hosting services do you use for dAPPs?

Is a Blockchain request made by the user 'heavy' on the server side?

  • If you wrote and then bundle your application correctly you will end up with 1 html file and a bundle.js which you can server from a very low end server + CDN. You don't need a "backend" server, if you're just using the blockchain. Just default to using the MetaMask provided web3 connection that talks to infura / their own node the way they want it. Your app does not need to care / know. Oct 25, 2018 at 13:19
  • Thanks a lot! So if my website reads data from the blockchain and puts it on each user's screen, does that not require server performance?
    – Iulian
    Oct 25, 2018 at 13:49

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The whole purpose of DApps is that you don't need to setup a back-end for them, since the Blockchain acts as a common back-end shared across all DApps. Most of the time, a simple static HTML/JS/CSS front-end application will be sufficient for DApp projects. For my DApp projects, I make heavy use of AWS S3 to store the front-end single page applications from which users can connect to the Blockchain using their MetaMask wallet.

This gist explains in much details how you can leverage AWS services to build a performant SPA hosting.

  • Thanks a lot! Makes much more sense for me right now. I will lower my service requirements which will make me save some finance :)
    – Iulian
    Oct 26, 2018 at 9:20

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