TL;DR - Replicated Ethereum Blockchain. Running Local Node. Connecting Local Node to Web3.js in browser using RPC. Want to create addresses & send transactions

Details -

I have a blockchain that is forked from Ethereum. Thus all its functionalities are almost similar if not same. Before building a wallet for my blockchain, I'm trying to develop a wallet for Ethereum that works in the browser using web3.js. I am not well versed with Node.js and hence want to use the browser version of web3.js

Having imported web3.js (version 0.20.6) from web3.min.js, I can view the web3 object in the console window. I can even use various functions such as web3.sha3 and web3.isConnected.

I can view the web3.personal.newAccounts() function and when I use it as web3.personal.newAccounts("passphrase"), it returns personal_newAccounts function is not available/does not exist

On trying to use web3.eth.accounts.create(), it tells me this function does not exist as the version I'm using is 0.x and version 1 stable release is not out yet.

How can I create addresses for my private blockchain local node and if possible send transactions using web3.js browser.

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Though the answer not fully solves the problem, but can solve a similar problem which i have already faced.

I get error response during calling admin.web3Sha3(hexData).send() from Spring boot using web3j

"The method web3_sha3 does not exist/is not available"

I have checked the method in geth console and found it works

>web3.sha3("0x536f6d6520415343494920737472696e6720746f20626520686173686564",{encoding:'hex'}) "0xb21dbc7a5eb6042d91f8f584af266f1a512ac89520f43562c6c1e37eab6eb0c4"

Actually there is a problem when I have started the geth node.

I have started with --rpcapi "eth,net,web2,personal,miner"

which should be --rpcapi "eth,net,web3,personal,miner"

Hope someone like me get help from this.

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