I have implemented a function for transferring ETH from my account to another account:

async function transfer(to, value) {
    let options = {
        from : PUBLIC_ADDRESS,
        to   : to,
        value: value
    options.gas = await web3.eth.estimateGas(options);
    let signedTransaction = await web3.eth.accounts.signTransaction(options, PRIVATE_KEY);
    return await web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(signedTransaction.rawTransaction);

This is purely for ETH transfer; I am not trying to invoke any smart contract function, so I can omit the data field from the options object.

I've noticed that web3.eth.estimateGas(options) always returns 21000.

Can I count on that, and simplify my code to:

    let options = {
        from : PUBLIC_ADDR,
        to   : to,
        value: value,
        gas  : 21000



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If the to address is not a smart contract, then yes. This is the standard gas cost of a simple ether transfer.

If the to address is a smart contract, even if you're not sending anything in the data field, a different gas amount could be consumed.

  • Indeed, my to address is not a smart contract, hence the data field is empty (and I now understand that an empty data field doesn't necessarily imply a non-contract to address). Thank you very much!!! Oct 21, 2018 at 19:59

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