I need to generate 10 unique random numbers between 0 to 100 in my smart contract.

For this I've decided to utilise Oracalize and one of the datasource called WolframAlpha. This is how I use it:

function loadNewRandomNumbers() public payable {
    oraclizeID = oraclize_query("WolframAlpha", "10 unique random numbers between 0 and 100");

I've deployed this to Ropsten test net and executed the loadNewRandomNumbers function and everything worked and I have the result from calling the wolfram alpha api datasource:

enter image description here

This is great so far; but I need to parse the string (json-like) response - so that I can use it; Ideally parse the response into an uint array.

How can I go about doing this? Is there a way parse the above string response into a usable format?

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You can use a callback function to separate the ID from the string, as in this example. Then you can use a tool like solidity-util for parsing the string, as explained in this question.

Alternately Oraclize has a parsing helper for JSON, but I'm not sure if/how that works with Wolfram.

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