I follow ethe main website and install go ether through ppa repository now i can only find a bin file in usr folder for ubuntu!

So is it the only file there for that?


When i run these two instruction

geth --datadir ~/.ethereum_private init ~/dev/genesis.json

geth --fast --cache 512 --ipcpath ~/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc --networkid 12345 --datadir ~/.ethereum_private  console 

And run command admin.nodeInfo.enode i got a address with IP after @! It is ok but the problem is that i got an IP address for my personal private node that is not my real external IP when I check my IP by other services out there! So what is this IP that is assigned to me? ( put ip here as reference to see if that maybe is some public cloud Ethereum address!!! )

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to share that enode with another client you just modify that strange ip with your real external ip. It puts there that strange ip because the script for detecting your REAL external ip is not working as it should. Actually I noticed that it works as it should only on some VPS providers....

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