I have tried adjusting the Gas Limit and GWEI and I get this error. I am using infura and Ropsten. Has anyone any ideas about this?

Code -

        var rawTransaction = {"from":myAddress,
        "data":contract.addBonus.getData(bonusType, target, year, month, day, token, bonus, bonusName, ineq),

        console.log("raw txn " + rawTransaction);
        //creating tranaction via ethereumjs-tx
        var transaction = new Tx(rawTransaction);
        //signing transaction with private key
        //sending transacton via web3js module
    //    web3js.eth.sendRawTransaction('0x'+transaction.serialize().toString('hex'))
    //    .on('transactionHash',console.log);

       var serializedTx = transaction.serialize();

       web3js.eth.sendRawTransaction('0x'+serializedTx.toString('hex'), function(err, hash) {
       if (!err)
          console.log("hash = " + hash);
       else console.log("err = " + err);

I get this error -

err = Error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value

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Key was wrong - I corrected the key and now it runs.


This is probably not the case here since you're using Infura, but in case others are seeing this error when submitting transactions to a light node:
If the light node has no peers to ask about chain state, it may return this error since it can't determine the balance of the sender, and thus considers it insufficient.

  • The key was incorrect. I already corrected it. Oct 18, 2018 at 17:35

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