In python I can run help(<function>) to get some basic info or use __doc__ to find out about what an object does. Is there something like that in the geth client?


No help information unfortunately.

But type:

  • "e" {TAB} {TAB} and you will get a listing of commands starting with "e"
  • "et" {TAB} {TAB} and your command will be completed to "eth."
  • "eth." {TAB} you will get a listing of the available functions from the "eth." space.

Same with "admin.", "debug.", "personal.", "web3.".

See the listing at https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/JavaScript-Console#management-api-reference for the commands that will work with this tab completion functionality.

You may also be interested in What are the command line editing keys in geth's console for the list of editing keys, including this tab completion functionality.


You might also find this list with the JSON RPC methods helpful.

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