I tried to " pyethapp run " but I am " INFO:p2p.peermgr waiting for bootstrap " for hours. Anything I could try to have the blockchain as fast as geth -- fast for pyethapp? Thanks


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The message you're seeing is from the pydevp2p p2p networking library, which is used for peer discovery. Your node sits in _discovery_loop() while it tries to discover a minimum number of peers from which to sync the blockchain.

In this case, having a Pyethapp equivalent of Geth's --fast flag wouldn't help. The --fast option helps speed up the sync of the blockchain by only downloading the block headers, thereby reducing the amount of data being synced.

Your node never gets to the stage of actually starting the blockchain sync - your problem is the more fundamental one of not having found anyone to sync the data from yet.

With regards to the problem of waiting for peers, this previous answer basically says "wait a until your node finds some".


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