I reviewed the other questions that had a similar error and they didn't help with my problem.

On my main net contract, with my MetaMask on main net, I am getting this error when processing transactions. I was trying to send funds to my escrow contract and the dapp only uses DAI. It is saying there is no DAI contract on main net??


Uncaught in promise error: DAI has not been deployed to detected network, network artifact mismatch

Here is my migration deploy contract js file. I used Truffle:

const Escrow = artifacts.require("./Escrow.sol");
const DAI = artifacts.require("./DAI.sol");

const DAI_COIN_ADDRESS = "0x89d24A6b4CcB1B6fAA2625fE562bDD9a23260359";

const ARBITRATOR = "0x000000000000etc...";

 module.exports = (deployer, network, accounts) => {
   deployer.deploy(Escrow, DAI_COIN_ADDRESS, ARBITRATOR, {from: accounts[0]});

This is usually confusion between truffle and the deployment history (./contracts/build) and the interpretation of the setting (truffle.js).

Confirm the contract is deployed on mainnet and truffle knows about it.

$ truffle networks
contract ... address

If this is the case (you can see it plainly) then your dapp should by using

var contract;
Contract.deployed().then(function(instance) { contract = instance; }

If not, but you know the address on mainnet, you can monkey-hammer it with

var contract = Contract.at(<address>);

Deep down, it's not always the best idea to deploy from a dev machine that usually has a lot of noise in the ./contract/build/Contract.json and it can be better to move contracts to a staging server that will run "official release" migrations and generate official abstraction builds.

Hope it helps.


After running truffle networks per the above I did see that my main network deployment didn't have a DAI contract associated with it. But my other networks did, like Ropsten.

To solve the issue I updated my DAI.json file with the mainnet DAI address and changed the network from 3 to 1. For some odd reason the build folder that was generated did update the dai.json with the correct network, but still managed to successfully deploy to the main net.

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