I have two structs

struct Vote {
  address from;
  uint256 rep;
  bool vote;

struct Pool { 
  address from;  
  string tokenSymbol;
  string name; 
  uint256 timeout;  
  string evidence;  
  Vote[] votes;

mapping(uint256 => Pool) validationPool;

How do I initialize an empty array of votes while creating a new Pool Struct?

    validationPool[proposalIndex] = Pool({
        from: msg.sender, tokenSymbol:_tokenSymbol,
        timeout: now + 180, 
        votes: new Vote[](0) });

I see the compilation error :

UnimplementedFeatureError: Copying of type struct DemoContract.Vote memory[] memory to storage not yet supported. What does it mean and how do I initialize an array of structs inside another struct?

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I am still looking for the right way of doing it but found a work around. Here, there was no value associated with this proposalIndex in validationPool.

    Pool storage pool = validationPool[proposalIndex];
    pool.from = msg.sender;
    pool.name = _name;
    pool.timeout = now + 180;
    pool.evidence = _evidence;

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