After deploying an private Ethereum blockchain with Azure Template "Proof of Work" we are not able to run the following command successfully. "geth --rpcapi eth,web3,personal --rpc" following image shows the specific error we are receiving.

enter image description here

The reason to run this script is because we are using nethereum web3 based c# code to execute the solidity contract. we are unable to unlock account and following is the error we are receiving during the execution of C# code. enter image description here

Any Quick insights on this will be appreciated.

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    Looks like you might already have an instance of Geth running somewhere, which is already using the datadir. Does ps faux | grep geth give you any clues? Or failing that, ps faux | grep <your_datadir> Oct 11, 2018 at 8:42

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This error means you already have a geth instance running, which could be the nethereum node instance sharing the same pid.

Try to kill it using ps or htop before running geth again

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