This question is related to this question but I'm using the pyethapp client instead of web3.js.

I've created two accounts using pyetahpp:

pyethapp account new # 1
pyethapp account new # 2

and then launched pyethapp on a private test net in console mode. I made a transaction:

In [6]: acct_service = eth.services.accounts   
In [7]: acct1 = acct_service.accounts[0]
In [8]: acct2 = acct_service.accounts[1]
In [9]: acct1.unlock('')
In [10]: acct2.unlock('')
In [11]:  acct_service.accounts
[<Account(address=a741c1ad30bfc3d4f16435e9d32ddb31198ed487, id=None)>,
 <Account(address=bdce83daac449aa98446e1a0d3b9f95eff53cf02, id=None)>]
In [12]: tx = eth.transact('bdce83daac449aa98446e1a0d3b9f95eff53cf02', value=100)
In [13]: eth.find_transaction(tx)
Out[14]: {}
In [15]: INFO:pow.subprocess    nonce found 
INFO:pow.subprocess sending nonce 
In [16]: eth.find_transaction(tx)

In [15]: eth.find_transaction(tx)
Out[15]: {}

Why can't I see the transaction? There is only one node that is running in the testnet and it is also mining. From what I've seen, pyethapp stops mining once launched in console mode (with the --console flag after run).

  • Have you solved the problem? I also meet this problem that the transaction which is made in pyethapp can not be written in block in Geth in my private chain.
    – Hans
    Commented Feb 7, 2017 at 13:25
  • I am also facing same issue.Did you resolved it????
    – Deepak m
    Commented Mar 26, 2017 at 19:47


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