I'm trying to generate a signature for a raw transaction using an ECDSA library implemented in C.

Here are the transaction parameters:

const txParams = {
    "nonce": "0x05",
    "gasPrice": "0x0ba43b7400",
    "gasLimit": "0x5208",
    "to": "0x9fbad6ab4b240d7512f863753ad3449f9ad6a530",
    "value": "0x0de0b6b3a7640000",
    "data": "0x",
    "chainId": 4

Then I'm generating the RLP encoded Keccak256 hash of the transaction parameters. Below is the RLP hash:


All of the steps upto here are done using the ethereumjs-tx library.

In the C program I convert the RLP Hash to byte format and store in a byte array.

static uint8_t m_hash[] =

This is then signed using the private key.

The output signature is always different each time I run the program, and below are a few samples.




I then use the sign function of ethereumjs-util to parse this signature and encode it into v, r, s values.

To calculate v, I've tried out different values of the recovery id in the range 0 - 3 which I directly enter in the sign function of ethereumjs-util, which looks like this.

exports.ecsign = function (msgHash, privateKey) {

  // -------------------------------------------------
  // Original Implementation

  // var sig = secp256k1.sign(msgHash, privateKey);

  // --------------------------------------------------

  // --------------------------------------------------
  // My changes

  var sig = {
    signature: "",
    recovery: 0

  var signature = "29C1C06C3E60D5BD51F9F803AEE5193ACABFFD6B45FAC48C7DDE737427FB7F2C643B35FABB633E6A6B6ABC52F7907D245457ECAE5F2372D3D6A85BC2B68A4DF0"

  sig.signature = Buffer.from(signature, 'hex');

  // --------------------------------------------------

  var ret = {};
  ret.r = sig.signature.slice(0, 32);
  ret.s = sig.signature.slice(32, 64);
  ret.v = sig.recovery + 27;
  return ret;

This returns the signed transaction which I then serialize and try to broadcast to the ethereum blockchain


At this point I get an error, stating "Invalid sender".

Can someone help me with what I'm doing wrong here?

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Sorry, I was trying to post the transaction to the Main network, instead of the Rinkeby test network. It's working fine now.

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