I've got remix connected to ganache-cli and I'm running some read-only transactions. I can't seem to figure out how to see how much gas those transactions used up?

Any help would be great thanks!


You can explore the cost like this:

enter image description here

Have a look over here for a description of transaction cost and execution cost; What is the difference between transaction cost and execution cost in browser solidity?

In case it isn't clear, when view functions are called, or when a client users the call() method (read-only), then the gas cost is returned to the requester. If a view (or pure or constant) function is called from another function or contract, then the cost accrues to the transaction that kicked it off.

More about the subtleties over here: https://blog.b9lab.com/calls-vs-transactions-in-ethereum-smart-contracts-62d6b17d0bc2

Hope it helps.

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