Below is my solidity code on remix.ethereum and also created token in ethereum blockchain and now i wants to save my file in my local disk and after save wants to upload on github with verified comment. please help how i can do this ? http://remix.ethereum.org/#optimize=true&version=soljson-v0.4.25+commit.59dbf8f1.js


You can copy and paste it in a text editor, then save it. There are no other options if you work in the browser area.

On the other hand, you can install


and follow the related instructions in order to have your disk available in remix, even not in “browser” area, but in a so called “localhost” which appear using remixd and which maps to your disk

To install remixd you must have nodejs and npm installed, then

npm install -g remixd 

Is all required.

At the node prompt you can launch remixd and the new possibility to read/write on local disk will be available.

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