Someone in my Telegram Telcoin group that I've talked to for months say they were a victim of ETH theft by a known ETH scammer in Telegram. This person sent me proof of pictures they took of conversations with the scammer. Essentially the person I know sent the ETH thief $5000 worth of ETH but the scammer never sent him Telcoin coins in return that they agreed on (Friend didn't know this person was a known scammer until AFTER he got scammed). Scammer claimed he even had other people waiting to trade his coins with him, the scammer will continue to steal from them too. Scammer did provide his ETH address to send the ETH to him. We tracked the Telegram scammer's address on Etherscan and he has multiple wallets. His main wallet on Etherscan is...


(We are 100% certain it's his wallet)

Scammer has $150,000 worth of 1 particular coin, the same telegram he's on scamming and stealing from people claiming he'll trade his Telcoin for ETH. Community admin don't want to do anything to even ban him even though they have proof he's a known scammer.

What can be done knowing only his Etherscan main Wallet Address? People who steal from weak are scum of the earth. My friend doesn't even want his money back at this point, he just wants to see the scammer lose everything to know what it feels like.

How to take away this scammer's $150,000 worth of stolen coin from him knowing ONLY his etherscan main wallet address?


How to take away this scammer's $150,000 worth of stolen coin from him knowing ONLY his etherscan main wallet address?

You can't, barring some catastrophic flaw in a token's contract/ethereum's own code. The entire point of the blockchain is to eliminate the ability of third parties to assert control over assets, and to make it trustless. A downside of this is that you can't exactly have the government freeze accounts, as you can with traditional banking systems.

Your only option is to contact your local law enforcement, and if you know the area in which your scammer lives, their law enforcement as well.

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