I want users to be able to store long URLs on Etherum.

 mapping(address => string[]) public addressToLinks;

UnimplementedFeatureError: Accessors for mapping with dynamically-sized keys not yet implemented.

I cant seem to use strings, and there doesn't seem to be a data type for larger bytes, like bytes256.

What is the best way to solve this problem? I'm not opposed to using the new experimental ABI encoder, but I still cant figure out a good solution... (I dont want to use a URL shortener)

I suppose I can store a mapping to a uint index, and have the index take me to a giant 2d array of arrays of strings... but theres gota be a better way....


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The compilation error is due to the fact that a getter function for mapping(any_type => string[]) is not yet supported, so you cannot declare such mapping as public.

By the way, this is true not only for string[], but also for string.

So change this:

mapping(address => string[]) public addressToLinks;

To this:

mapping(address => string[]) private addressToLinks;

Or to this:

mapping(address => string[]) internal addressToLinks;

And add this:

function getLink(address key, uint index) external view returns (string) {
    return addressToLinks[key][index];

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