I'm trying to understand how to convert my transaction data into the id hash before signing the transaction.

Let's say I have this data:

transaction = {
    'to': to_address,
    'from': from_address,
    'value': 4200000000000000,
    'gas': 21000,
    'gasPrice': 22000000000,
    'chainId': 1,
    'nonce': '0x0'

How can I convert this into the id hash?


Are you looking for the transaction hash that most web3 APIs use, like w3.eth.getTransaction(transaction_hash)?

That transaction hash is generated from the signed and rlp-encoded transaction. There isn't a way to predict the final transaction hash without signing it.

  • Thanks @carver. That's what I suspected. I'm using BlockCypher today and it looks they do provide this hash. I'll double-check it now. – Avi Sep 26 '18 at 9:24

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