I'm going through Maker's OTC contract and they have this:

function isTokenPairWhitelisted(
    ERC20 baseToken,
    ERC20 quoteToken
    returns (bool)
    return (_menu[keccak256(baseToken, quoteToken)] || _menu[keccak256(quoteToken, baseToken)]);

I'm trying to interact with it in truffle, but this isn't working:

  test1 = await ERC20.new();
  test2 = await ERC20.new();
  await oasisDex.isTokenPairWhitelisted(test1,test2);

I get the 'Invalid number of arguments to Solidity function'. Any idea?


Web3 v0.x: await oasisDex.isTokenPairWhitelisted(test1.address,test2.address);

Web3 v1.x: await oasisDex.isTokenPairWhitelisted(test1._address,test2._address);

Web3 v0.x is used in all Truffle versions up to v4.1.14, and possibly even later.

In addition, you might want to obtain the returned value (i.e., var x = await ...).

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  • Thanks! So it's just the address? why do they have it specified as the whole contract? – thefett Sep 26 '18 at 18:08
  • To let you know that they expect this contract to be deployed at the addresses that you provide. – goodvibration Sep 26 '18 at 18:26

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