I am a total Solidity noob, and I want to know if I can use my set function to initialize my struct members as well as assign a value to a state variable:

pragma solidity ^0.4.21;
contract Govtcontract {

    uint256 public allocbudget;
    uint256 public rembudget;

    struct transaction{
        uint  expend;
        uint dept;
        string item;
        uint date;
        string location;

 transaction public trx;

constructor (uint256 initbudget) public {
    allocbudget = initbudget;
    rembudget = initbudget;

function settx(uint amt, uint dep, string thing, uint date, string loc) public {
    rembudget = rembudget - trx.expend;

function get() public constant returns (uint) {
    return rembudget;


Also, how do I write the web3.js file to take multiple inputs for set()? I can't seem to find any resources online. TIA!


Yes you can! You can validate this with Truffle:

  1. Init project via truffle init and add your contract and deployment file
  2. truffle develop
  3. compile
  4. migrate
  5. Govtcontract.deployed().then(instance => govt = instance.contract)
  6. govt.settx(1000, 1000, "test", 1000, "test", { gas: 500000 })

I arbitrarily set 500,000 because storing so many variables in one batch is not cheap in gas costs.

Optionally, you could try Remix or EthFiddle for contract compilation.

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