Excerpt from page 5 of the yellow paper, version e94ebda:

Serialisation functions

I understand that LX is the preparation function for serialising X, as follows:

  • LB for blocks
  • LH for block headers
  • LU for ommer block headers

And B represents the block tuple (BH, BT, BU):

  • BH represents the headers
  • BT [_] the transactions
  • BU [_] the ommer block headers

In the image above, shouldn't the second LH actually be LU, that is, the preparation function for the ommer block headers?

Is it because there's no need for a new preparation function because LH already has sufficient properties to compute the ommer block headers?


It's not the same function, it has an asterisk and, as per the definition right after the excerpt in the posted image, a function L(x)* is an element-wise sequence transformation:

enter image description here

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