What I want to do:

  1. Install Ethereum on multiple nodes in a network. I have some Linux machines for this purpose already.
  2. I want to have a client (let's call it myApp.exe). myApp.exe gets user inputs and stores it. I want to use blockchain for this. Want to save the data in the Ehtereum nodes.

I am running some initial prototypes to get this setup ready.

  1. I am getting some geth clients installed on some Linux machines in our network - these are for simulating the ethereum nodes I guess.
  2. on the box where myApp.exe runs, how do I ensure it sends the data to the ethereum node? can I do it by installing web3 on that box? My understanding is web3 can talk to the geth instance on the Ethereum node.

Please confirm if my understanding and above approach is right.

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Your understanding that you will require web3 to communicate with ethereum node is correct.

If I understood it correctly you want to set up multi-node private ethereum blockchain network. Refer the following article for the same-


Refer the following article for setting up an environment for decetralized application(DAPP) development-


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