I have a problem like this. I am very new to solidity. I have tried an example that I was found by a Google Search in the remix editor. But I was unable to get any output like in the example.This is the tutorial that I followed

According to the tutorial, I create a two solidity file called Callee.sol and caller.sol. Here I am providing that callee.sol contract.

contract Callee {
    uint[] public values;

    function getValue(uint initial) returns(uint) {
        return initial + 150;
    function storeValue(uint value) {
    function getValues() returns(uint) {
        return values.length;

And my caller.sol is looked like this.

pragma solidity ^0.4.6;

contract Caller {
    function someAction(address addr) returns(uint) {
        Callee c = Callee(addr);
        return c.getValue(100);

    function storeAction(address addr) returns(uint) {
        Callee c = Callee(addr);
        return c.getValues();

    function someUnsafeAction(address addr) {
        addr.call(bytes4(keccak256("storeValue(uint256)")), 100);

contract Callee {
    function getValue(uint initialValue) returns(uint);
    function storeValue(uint value);
    function getValues() returns(uint);

Firstly I deployed The callee.sol contract When I deployed it this the way it looks

Then I deployed the contract call caller.sol.

after the deployment of the second contract

Then I copy the address of callee contract and call the function of caller contract like this but it gave a nothing as output.

when function calling

enter image description here

Can someone help me to make this work? Thank you very much.

  • Could you make a proper screen shot or copy/paste for the function call? Do you put the address between quotes? Sep 19, 2018 at 7:22
  • works as expected, it does return it internally. I think you are expecting some value to be seen. You can assign a public variable to see what was returned.
    – rstormsf
    Sep 19, 2018 at 7:23

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if you click on that green tick mark in left side of the console it will open a table that all the information for the transaction is inside it and you can read it, as you can see in this image " https://imgur.com/a/wt2bYmF " . it's transaction information for "someaction" function.


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