A smart contract has an enter() function where participants can send 1 Ethereum to enter a raffle. Is there an easy way to stop allowing the others calling this function while the winner is picked?


Yes, you can set up a "pauseable" function modifier to any of the functions which you want to control access to.

Here is an example of how to implement this from Open-Zeppelin.

You can then use it in your contract like so:

pragma solidity 0.4.24;

import "path/to/Pausable.sol";

contract MyPausableContract is Pausable {

    myFunction() whenNotPaused {
        do things...


To explain what is happening simply:

  • There is a global variable which tracks if we are "paused" or "not paused" (bool)
  • Then there is a function modifier which simply requires that the global variable is in the "not paused" state

  • Then there is a function which can only be called by a privileged user which can change the value of the paused variable.
  • I added a bit more detail too at the end. Hope this helps! – Shawn Tabrizi Sep 18 '18 at 19:04

I forgot that solidity allows to use if statements. I'm still learning it. I went on a different way and basically

bool Pause; 

function setPause(bool anInput) public limited {
Pause = anInput; }

(limited is a modifier which I declared to check if the msg.sender is the contract owner)

function enter() public payable {
if (Pause == false) {
...do that...}
revert("raffle is in pause. We are picking the winner"); }

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