I sign this transaction with Ethereumjs-tx:

    nonce: 8,
    gasPrice: 20,
    gasLimit: 25000,
    to: '0x45cc01d4b9ad49b81527d5b6629da8664bb525d3',
    value: 1000000,
    data: '0x00',
    chainId: 3 

however, the value on etherscan shows 0.013845257383850032 Ether


Where doe the 0.0038xxxx extra ether come from?

  • Are you sure that code produced that transaction? A value of 1000000 is equal to 0.000000000001 ETH (the value you posted is in WEI). I do not think that the code you posted matches the transaction that you posted. Sep 14, 2018 at 17:11

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Larger ints don't work well with ethereumJS-tx. If you have a large int, use



new BN(value) to convert it to BN which seems to work as well.

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