I want to know how this works: web3.eth.getStorageAt(addressHexString, position [, defaultBlock] [, callback])

What data we can store at any address and how? And what will this eth API return?


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Each contract consists of a EVM bytecode handling the execution and a storage to save the state of the contract. This is a low level function to get the state of the contract's storage. The storage is essentially a key/value store.
The function returns the value the contracts storage has at a certain position.

Refer to the GitHub wiki pages.

More on storage here.


for instance if you look at this contract source and you type this in geth:


it returned the following

  • Would you be able to also provide an example for getting the address of a dynamic array? i've tried with web3.sha3("0x01") to calculate the address but can't figure it out.
    – slothbag
    Jun 27, 2016 at 23:53

As of version 1.0 of web3.js, the web3.utils.hexToAscii function should be used. Correct syntax:

web3.eth.getStorageAt('/* Contract Address */', 0).then(result => {

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