I want to choose a consensus algorithm for permissioned blockchain in healthcare. I know PoA and PBFT are good choices, but I want to know which one is better? Thanks...

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According to an abstract of this paper:

The analysis advocates that PoA for permissioned blockchains, deployed over the Internet with Byzantine nodes, do not provide adequate consistency guarantees for scenarios where data integrity is essential. We claim that PBFT can fit better such scenarios, despite a limited loss in terms of performance


Proof of Authority (PoA) is a very well-tested consensus mechanism that has been used on Kovan since it's inception. It has been used by a number of individuals as well as corporations in order to test their code in a controlled environment.

The initial Plasma whitepaper suggested started with PoA (before switching to another mechanism), and the OMG team is using PoA on their Plasma implementation.

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