I am trying to build a Dapp which includes functionality to deposit funds to a contract and withdraw them. The functions look like this

function fundContract() public payable {
        require (msg.sender == users[msg.sender].addr);
        users[msg.sender].balance += msg.value;


function withdraw (uint amount) public onlyUser() payable{

        require (msg.sender == users[msg.sender].addr);
        require (amount > 0);
        require (amount <= users[msg.sender].balance);


        users[msg.sender].balance -= amount;
        contractBalance-= amount;

I understand that there will be a function call to withdraw() specifying the amount parameter from the front end using web3.js send() command, but how do I provide the msg.value for the fundContract method from the viewpoint of a Dapp. Remix allows specifying the value in the message , but I can't find a way to do so for a Dapp.

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    Whatever library you're using, there will be a way to attach ether to a transaction. Let us know what library, and we can point you to the relevant documentation. Web3.js is a likely candidate for what you're going to use, and there are two significant versions: 0.20.x and 1.0 beta. – user19510 Sep 12 '18 at 17:10
  • @smarx I am building on Qtum and using QtumJS which is similar to web3.js The answer by Sam makes it clear how to use it with web3 and I found a similar way with QtumJS. Thank you – Siddhanjay Godre Sep 12 '18 at 17:43

You should use value field then call you contract send method


myContract.methods.fundContract().send({value: 'AMOUNT IN WEI'})

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