Say, I create a smart contract A and this contract creates another smart contract B. If I call selfdestruct on A, will this affect in any way contract B? Or can I still call functions on B after A is killed?

I found this example on Etherscan:

Contract A is selfdestructed and therefore has no code anymore. B also has empty code, but it does not have the red SelfDestruct label on Etherscan. So did the SelfDestruct of A lead to a deletion of B's code or is this just coincidence and this contract B never had any code associated with it at all?

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No. selfdestruct of a contract does not effect any contracts created by the contract to be destroyed.

  • Thanks, do you have a source or maybe even a concrete example where this is the case?
    – hefeleal
    Sep 10, 2018 at 16:50

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