I want a function to only be able to be called after a certain specific period of time has passed from the contract's inception. Generally, I was using block.number for that. As in:

require(block.number >= 8000000);

However, if I want to use block.timestamp, could I do as below:

contract Time is owned {

    uint today;

    constructor() public {
       today = block.timestamp;

Declare 'today', and then set a requirement:

require (block.timestamp >= today + 365 days);

Will that work in preventing that the function gets called before 365 days pass from the publishing of the contract?

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You're totally right! The way you do has no problem. You can make a test with small time like require (block.timestamp >= today + 60 seconds);

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    But be aware that the time should not be too small in practice. Miners can vary the timestamp of the block by up to 30 seconds.
    – schemar
    Sep 8, 2018 at 22:37

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