I am making a dapp and I am trying to import modules. The structure of my folders is the one that you can get from the truffle webpackage, the following:

-----ethereumjs-tx <--- module to import
-------app.js <-------- App where I am calling the module

I am writing:

const Tx = require('ethereumjs-tx');
const Tx = require('../../node_modules/ethereumjs-tx');
const Tx = require('{all my path}/ethereumjs-tx');

I also tried copying the module in my own directory

const Tx = require('/ethereumjs-tx');
const Tx = require('./ethereumjs-tx');

and changing const to var, but I always get the same error:

Cannot find module 'ethereumjs-tx'

Any idea how to solve that? or is there another way to use this module?


I am not sure how you installed ethereumjs-tx , but you can check that in your package.json file. If you don't see ethereumjs-tx there means your app is not using that module even if it is installed.

You can install it with :-

Run you cmd as administrator and navigate to folder where all files of project are there and run this command :-

npm install ethereumjs-tx --save


open your code editor you are using and navigate to your project and run the same command . suppose i have all my files in blockchain folder :-

PS D:\Projects\blockchainNew\blockchain>npm install ethereumjs-tx --save

after this you only have to use --

var Tx = require('ethereumjs-tx');

also dont forget to check entry in package.json file


require doesn't work in this case. I had to import as script in my dapp ethereum-tx.js from ethereumjs - Browser Builds

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