hi guys i am confuse about the web3j library for android i search about this but i did not get any materiel about this (https://github.com/web3j/web3j). this is lib for using ether node on java and for android i don't know how to use this. following things i already done . 1 -> Ethereum Node syncing (full node) 2 -> make web interface using Web3.js lib. 3 -> creating address and managing account on ether using cli with Web3.js

now i want to use this thing on android also please help me how i can use this web3j lib on android how to configure .


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I wrote a medium article just on this topic (Getting started with web3j on Android), I hope it helps: https://medium.com/@nschapeler/an-introduction-to-ethereum-development-on-android-using-web3j-and-infura-763940719997


You can check out my project on Github, I used Kotlin to build it https://github.com/wise4rmgod/Web3Js-Android

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