With the exception of the language it is being written in, what are the main differences that Trinity has over Geth or Parity (if any). What advantages does it have? Disadvantages?

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It's important to note that trinity is in alpha, and will not be production-ready for some time. I expect that to be a deal-breaker for anything that has to be in production in say, the next year. So the following is aspirational.

A key goal for trinity is comprehension for humans. That should make it an ideal tool for:

  • People new to the EVM to understand how it all works in practice
  • Researchers to prototype new ideas in a production-viable node
  • Standards authors to write a reference implementation for EIPs
  • Tinkerers to write their own plugins to add home-grown functionality

It will never be as fast as go/rust implementations. Which means it is not a good tool for:

  • Proof of Work mining
  • Low-end hardware
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    Thank you @carver. It is always nice to get an answer straight from the source. Everything you said makes sense. Aug 30, 2018 at 23:30

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