We are currently developing a blockchain platform that deals with sending of tokens from users to users, and as you know, ETH is required as a gas fee to be paid for any ERC20 token transfer from a Wallet.

But we don't want our users to pay this gas fee when sending tokens to each others, instead we want all these gas fee to be charged to a general 'Master Wallet’.

Our team has been having problems in developing a master wallet that pays gas charges for all child-wallet under it. Is this something anyone can help us with?

We would appreciate any help we get.


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You cannot pay gas on behalf of another address, yet. The ability for either party to pay gas is a planned upgrade in the future, as seen in this post by Vitalik.

If you are using ERC20 tokens, there is an option being worked on that allows you to pay transfers in tokens instead of gas, in one transaction. This is ERC865, and may be applicable in your situation.

  • Thanks for your prompt reply Gonzalo. Will pass this on to our team. Aug 31, 2018 at 8:59

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