Are there in the literature or from the Ethereum community/foundation any official benchmark about geth (or any other client, e.g. parity) initial synchronization time (with both fast and normal sync)?


I noticed that this question contain some interesting data, but the geth versions are really old. I would like to have data for geth version > 1.8.x


The official Ethereum blog contains some benchmark on time needed for geth fast synchronization with geth 1.8.0 and geth 1.7.0

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For Geth v1.9.0, look here for some new details on sync time. Describes all three modes and times including some changes that one should know about.


As of Aug 2, 2019 the size on disk for me was 356 GB and state entries went to 370 million. Takes a couple of days to sync with a ssd drive. Be patient.

terminalscreenshot https://ibb.co/BjtCDbW

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