I failed to load a script into a private blockchain setup using puppeth. I have used puppeth to configure a private blockchain (PoA) with a few sealers on different vms. Could someone help?

I now need to load a script. I tried using:

geth --preload "/path/to/hello.js"

with the error: Error starting protocol stack: datadir already used by another process since the vm has the sealer nodes running in a docker. The proof is here after running ps aux: geth --networkid <...>--cache <>--port <...>--maxpeers <....>--ethstats <...> --bootnodes ....

I tried loading the script directly through the console by doing this:

docker exec -it <container ID> geth  attach ipc:/root/.ethereum/geth.ipc

and in the console type: loadScript('hello.js') where hello.js is in the directory where I typed the geth attach command above. Also tried loadScript('path to hello')

All of the following links state that the path to the javascript is incorrect but I ensured that the file path is where it should or is where I ran geth attach. My goal is to have script running even if I need to stop the docker container and restart geth. But the issue is that I cannot pass the --preload argument because I am using puppeth, I think :)

  1. How can access to a external file using loadScript?
  2. loadScript() returns false error

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