In solidity, if we have defined contracts already, its simple to create an contract in contract by using the keyword: new, like this:

contract FatherContract {
    function createChild() public {        
        new ChildContract();

contract ChildContract {
    constructor() public {

but what if I want to create an contract from binary data, like this:

contract FatherContract {
    function createChild(bytes contractDataInfo) public {        
        // any way to create a new contract in this method 
        // using contractDataInfo?

If the contractDataInfo is contract creation info, any way to create a new contract in method createChild?

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Yes, but you have to write just a little bit of assembly:

bytes memory bytecode = contractDataInfo; // need to copy into memory
address addr;
uint256 value = 0; // change if you want to attach ether

assembly {
    addr := create(value, add(bytecode, 0x20), mload(bytecode))

require(addr != 0, "Contract creation failed.");

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