Is there any kind of micro-processor / micro-controller that can run Blockchain light client?

An example can be Samsung ARTIK: https://www.artik.io

However, it's too big. Is there any other similar but smaller micro-controller that is able to run Blockchain light client?

P.S. 1 : For example, I do not know NODEMCU and ESP8266 are a good choice for this purpose? (example: https://hackaday.com/2018/05/02/using-blockchain-explorer-apis-on-nodemcu/)

P.S. 2 : The projects seem run a blockchain client on a micro-controller:

(1) EthEmbedded (2) Elkrem (3) EthArmbian

P.S. 3 : And also can we consider Raspberry PI as a micro-rocessor / micro-controller? Since apparently, it's possible to install Ethereum Blockchain on it. (more information: https://ethraspbian.com/)

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Check for raspbery pi, raspnode, link here . Memory storage for raspbery pi could be on an MicroSD card. Also, for ARM processors, there is a build EthEmbedded .


Not sure about your request concerning hardware specs but eg status.im has a light client integrated in their mobile application.

It requires a couple 100mb in storage, some ram but especially bandwith.


This one seems interesting as well: https://techcrunch.com/2018/08/21/elkrem-is-a-blockchain-dev-board-for-tinkerers/

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