Of the following three declarations

ufixed constant TEST1 = 256;
uint constant TEST2 = 256;
uint[] testTable1 = [uint(0.001 * TEST1), uint(0.01 * TEST1), uint(1.1 * TEST1)];
uint[] testTable2 = [uint(0.001 * TEST2), uint(0.01 * TEST2), uint(1.1 * TEST2)];
uint[] testTable3 = [uint(0.001 * 256), uint(0.01 * 256), uint(1.1 * 256)];

only testTable3 works.

testTable1 gives the error

UnimplementedFeatureError: Not yet implemented - FixedPointType.

and testTable2 gives one error for each element of type

 TypeError: Operator * not compatible with types rational_const 1 / 1000 and uint256

Is there a way I can define such an array without having to specify the multiplication factor in each element?

solidity ^0.4.24;

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AFAIK, UnimplementedFeatureError: Not yet implemented - FixedPointType. only support by solidity 0.5.0

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