I have similar functions like this and they work fine:

    function getBarsOfParticipant() external view returns (uint256[], uint16[], bool[]) {
    uint256[] barIds = participantToBarIds[msg.sender];

    uint256[] memory ids = new uint256[](barIds.length);
    uint16[] memory lengths = new uint16[](barIds.length);
    bool[] memory forSale = new bool[](barIds.length);

    for (uint16 i = 0; i <= barIds.length; i++) {
        Bar storage bar = bars[barIds[i]];
        ids[i] = barIds[i];
        lengths[i] = bar.length;
        forSale[i] = bar.forSale;

    return (ids, lengths, forSale);

Although the above code compiles, I always get this error at the front-end:

enter image description here

Any suggestions?


I think that you cannot return the tuple of array like this (uint256[], uint16[], bool[])

Just return an index of each element lile (uint256, uint16, bool); so you need to return length of the array and iterate in the dapp to get all the data.

  • Pretty sure you can return multiple arrays. No idea what's wrong however.
    – Maxpeinas
    Aug 20 '18 at 9:23
  • oh, you're right! But it seems very pain for front-end medium.com/coinmonks/…
    – Ha ĐANG
    Aug 20 '18 at 9:29

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