I'm trying to make a lottery.

pragma solidity ^0.4.23;

contract Lottery {

struct Ticket {
    uint id;
    address name;
    uint winCount;

uint public winFirstPercent = 60;
uint public prizeMoney = 0;
address public winner;
uint public priz;

uint public lastWinNumber = 0;

uint public ticketCount = 10;
uint public ticketPrice = 1 ether;
// Testnet
address public walletMoney = 0xca35b7d915458ef540ade6068dfe2f44e8fa733c; 

mapping (uint => Ticket) public tickets;

event buyTicket (uint ticketNum, address adrr);
event winAddress (uint ticketWin, address winAddress, uint priz, uint prizeMoney);

constructor () public {

function clearTickets() public {
    for (uint i = 0; i < ticketCount; i++){
        tickets[i] = Ticket(i,0,0);

function buyTickets (uint _ticketNum) public payable returns (bool success) {
    require ((_ticketNum > 0) && (_ticketNum < ticketCount));
    require (tickets[_ticketNum].name == 0);
    require (msg.value == ticketPrice);
    prizeMoney += msg.value;
    tickets[_ticketNum] = Ticket(_ticketNum, msg.sender, 0);
    emit buyTicket(_ticketNum, msg.sender);
    return true;

function playGame () public {
    //lastWinNumber = uint(block.blockhash(block.number-1))%ticketCount;
    lastWinNumber = 1;
    if (tickets[lastWinNumber].name != 0) {
        winner = tickets[lastWinNumber].name;
        priz = prizeMoney*winFirstPercent/100;
    emit winAddress(lastWinNumber, winner, priz, prizeMoney);

Buying tickets works correctly!

But when I start to run the function playGame (), I get an error

transact to Lottery.playGame errored: VM error: revert.
revert  The transaction has been reverted to the initial state.
Note: The constructor should be payable if you send value.  
Debug the transaction to get more information.

P.S. I specially for the tests of the application left the winning number a fixed ticket - 1

Tests do in remix


I believe the issue is that the contract doesn't have a sufficient balance to pay out the winner.

In buyTickets, all the ether that is sent in is transferred away but also added to prizeMoney:

prizeMoney += msg.value;

Then in playGame, an attempt is made to transfer out some ether to the winner:

priz = prizeMoney*winFirstPercent/100;

but this fails because the contract holds no ether.

  • Thank you! The thing really was that on the contract itself there was no money to pay in the ETH. – I. Simonov Aug 16 '18 at 13:54

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